Fitness goals can be achieved by indoor cycling without having any concern about the weather outside or if you are not willing to go out to a gym regularly. The workout has many cardio benefits as well as it can boost your strength, lose your weight and burn your body fat with the Best Exercise Bike under 500.

If you are in search of an exercise bike under 500 for your place with a tight budget, you may have a less choice. However, the guidelines given in this article will help you to get the right exercise bike under 500 for yourself.


There are several exercise bikes models available in the market, however, you just need to focus on the few common ones, as per your need and budget.

  1. If you are a beginner, the Upright exercise bike is the most common type that offers a low-impact workout.
  2. If you want to perform your exercise while sitting, the recumbent bikes are more likely for you. These are also suitable for people who are recovering from an injury.
  3. If you are a professional or have a good knowledge of exercise, you can go for the Studio bikes, which provide multiple levels of resistance.


Electric bikes have more features and flexibility to monitor your workout and help you to set your goals and get motivation from the results.

The Manual bikes are the cheapest, but you can get a good electric exercise bike for under 500.

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The seat of a bike is important to consider as you need comfort while your exercise. If the seat is not comfortable, it could affect your performance. The seat of your bike should be adjustable so that it can allow you to keep it at a height and distance from the handlebar as per your height.


A firm grip of the handlebars is appropriate for a good workout.  Nobody wants to slip his grip on the handles due to the sweat on the palms.  A good handlebar provides extra support and allows you to change the position of your arms during the workout.  There are heart rate sensors on the handlebars with some electric exercise bikes, which helps you to keep a track of your pulse rate during the workouts.


Cheap exercise bikes can lose their balance during exercise. A well-balanced and stable exercise bike is recommended for a good workout. Make sure to have a durable exercise bike, which may not lose its balance easily.


There are some other supplementary features available with the best exercise bike under 500. The most important is the LCD display which shows speed, calories, distance on your screen.  There are bottle holder options available with the exercise bikes, which can be a good option for you to stay focused on your exercise.